Action Refund specializes in the recovery of assets that were lost as a result of online financial fraud.

Online trading has become increasingly popular in the past several years, with millions of individuals worldwide choosing to invest their hard-earned money. The boom in online trading is a direct result of digitization of the markets, which effectively opened the door to millions of inexperienced people across the globe, who suddenly find themselves with access to these financial tools that claim to offer them easy and simple ways to invest their money, while on the same note, also exposing them to fraudulent practices such as Binary Options, CFD, Forex and Cryptocurrency scams. This world of online trading has effectively become a breeding ground for scammers and fraudsters who promise large monetary compensation and success, using the spread of misinformation and high pressure sales tactics to actively and knowingly steal from their unsuspecting victims, forcing them down a rabbit hole of shame and frustration.

Until fairly recently, those who lost money in Forex, Binary Options, CFD and other types of investment fraud didn’t have the necessary information or tools to help them retrieve their funds, but that is no longer the case; Action Refund specializes in the recovery of assets that were lost as the result of online financial fraud.

Thanks to our past experience and panel of experts, backed by a database of known online scams, we are able to provide our services in order to help our customers retrieve their lost funds. We are here for each and everyone of you who have fallen victim to any sort of online scam. Our team is ready to track down your money, no matter how dire the situation may seem, and get you back what is rightfully yours.


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